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Probate Law

We provide highly personal and individualized probate and estate administration services. Our goal is to allow you, without distraction, to mourn or attend to more spiritual matters while we facilitate, without delay or complication, the transfer of assets to the decedent’s beneficiaries in accordance with the decedent’s last wishes and the Indiana Probate Code. With my personal attention to your probate administration needs, we can make the probate and estate administration process completed efficient, timely and less stressful.

Will Contest Litigation

Contested wills are painful for all sides of the dispute and either heighten or create bitter emotions between the feuding parties. For a beneficiary, representation which respects the stressful nature of will contest litigation can be critical to a successful outcome. If you feel you need to contest the provisions of a will, we can help.  Through experience, we can offer the high quality service offered at larger downtown firms at reasonable rates.

If you are in need of probate and estate administration services or have need for representation in a will contest, Brad Johnson can provide the representation you need.